Saturday, December 1, 2007


I have recently entered a new phase of self sufficiency. I now know how to butcher chickens. Yep, I helped a friend kill and clean a few of her birds. It's really not that bad. I expected the chickens to fight a bit more, but they were quite subdued. Maybe they were half frozen! Maybe they figured dead was better than being cooped up in a tiny shed with 16 other birds. Anyway, they didn't protest their end much.

Call me twisted or whatever you wish, but I have harbored a secret wish for many years to see a chicken running around without a head. Yesterday their feet were tied, so they only flopped. The kids watched from a distance and laughed. Debbie thanked Jesus for dinner. I was just satisfied the job was done. For that day, anyway. There are 12 birds left. Maybe we'll leave their feet untied.

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Sara said...

WHAT? No photos???