Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A mere cup of coffee

In the beginning, this story will seem to be about getting a cup of coffee. It is. But read on.

On Sunday we had a family gathering at a couple's home. They shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. We had a lovely dinner of taco soup (provided by us), conversation, and the kids played outside. After dinner Mr. X made coffee. It was unusually strong, but I can't hack regular coffee, so I went to the fridge for some milk. There were two full jugs, and I didn't want to open a new one, so I took out the third, almost empty jug. I poured a little into my mug until I noticed it was not milk. It appeared to be water. Robb joked, "Watch out! It's probably bleach water!" But, knowing that Mrs. X often drinks water out of large jugs, I assumed it was water. I opened a new jug of milk, poured some into my coffee and added sugar. My coffee tasted just right.

We continued the enjoyable afternoon until Miss x (10) interrupted, held out the nearly empty milk jug, and said, "What is in this? It smells like bleach and I drank some." I now realized I had consumed bleach water as well." She and I pondered our fate. I didn't want to take any chances (would you?) so I made a call to poison control.

Did you know that you could drink a whole gulp of bleach straight from the bottle and all you would get is a stomach ache? I learned that from poison control. Thankfully, the only stomach ache I got was from the beans in the taco soup.

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sara said...

I think I know whose house you were at...