Monday, February 18, 2008

Simple Joys

I feel like blabbing! No interesting stories, just a few simple joys to share.

Robb has been working A LOT. (That is NOT a joy - to him or me.) He worked almost every night last week (including Valentines, but we had a early date on Tues.) and then all day Saturday. So it came as a sort of mixed blessing when Megan got sick on Saturday night and Robb had to stay home from church on Sunday with the kids. He enjoyed a lazy morning and I enjoyed a sermon without having to shush kids, or solve fights over crayons in the middle of church. On Sunday afternoon, the whole family snuggled on the couch, (Megan was fine by then,) and watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Yep, the WHOLE thing. A lovely day of rest!
Today was the second day I used my new language curriculum for Mitchell and Megan (Learning Language Arts Through Literature). It's amazing how a new curriculum can breath new life into a homeschool day! I have more confidence that they are learning what they need to, and they seem to like it better than the old stuff. (Well, at least Megan does. Mitchell still claims to hate school.) Yea for new books!
When we moved into this house, I held myself back from hanging too many pictures on the walls, because I thought we'd only be here a year or so. Now that we have settled in here and fallen in love with the farm, I've begun to add more "Kristina" touches to the house and decor to make this house "ours". I recently shopped for pictures (at Family Dollar and Walmart, of course) and found some lovely new things. And I bought new towels! Don't you just get happy about new towels!? (See, I told you I'd blab about simple joys!)

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