Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Megan's Birthday

We had a informal birthday gathering for Megs birthday...
She REALLY wanted to go to Chucky Cheese, so the fam went there on Saturday. UFDA! I hadn't been there in a long time, and certainly not on a Saturday. Let's just say we won't be going there any time soon again. At least not until the memory fades and we forget what hell on earth that place is for parents! We had to wait in line to even get a table and the place was full of what I will call people of questionable character! The so-called games ate our tokens while spitting out a hundred or so tickets to other children. Mitchell was so excited to buy a toy with his tickets, but of course, our $10.00 spent on tokens won him 30 tickets, which bought him a very small sucker and a one inch long rubber lizard. The girls got equally exciting rewards for their efforts. Woop-de-doo. Happy Birthday Megan...

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