Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks, dear.

Robb decided to move the office home recently. He requested that I clean out my office this week to make room for him, so on Monday, though I was feeling under the weather, I began re-organizing. I like to make Robb happy, so I plunged forward. I cleaned out a bookshelf, found homes for decorative shoeboxes filled with sewing supplies, and relocated some scrapbooking stuff and old yearbooks. I emptied a small file cabinet and found a nook in a nearby closet for it to fit. I boxed the assorted papers on my desk, threw away old phone books, and took apart a piano keyboard to be relocated as well.
When Robb came home, I eagerly showed him the office and the progress I had made. He smiled and said, "Well at least it's clean...."
Um, what?
He continued, "Well, I was thinking today, and I don't think it's a good idea to have the office at home."
Thanks, dear.
Now, it's Thursday, we've all been sick all week, and I haven't finished returning my office to its previous state of slightly random order. Oh, well. If I wait long enough maybe he'll change his mind again.


Stiffler Family said...

To anyone wondering, yes, Robb knows about this post. His habit of changing his mind (or as he describes it, "thinking out loud") is a family joke.

Stiffler Family said...

I just need to figure out when he's done "thinking out loud" and come to a final decision!


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