Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Baffling Call of God

I promised to write about Oswald Chambers August 5th devotional, so here it is, at least part of it:

"Jesus Christs' life was an absolute failure from every standpoint but God's. But what seemed failure from man's standpoint was a tremendous triumph from God's, because God's purpose is never man's purpose."

"It cannot be stated definitely what the call of God is to, because His call is to be in comradeship with Himself for His own purposes, and the test is to believe that God knows what He is after. The things that happen do not happen by chance, they happen entirely in the decree of God. God is working out his purposes."

"If we are in communion with God and recognize that He is taking us into His purposes, we shall no longer try to find out what His purposes are. As we go on in the Christian life it gets simpler, because we are less inclined to say - Now why did God allow this and that? Behind the thing lies the compelling of God. 'There's a divinity that shapes our ends." A Christian is one who trusts the wits and the wisdom of God, and not his own wits. If we have a purpose of our own, it destroys the simplicity and the leisureliness which ought to characterize the children of God."

I'm sorry to use my blog space for the thoughts of another, but I love Chambers. He makes me think. "the simplicity and leisureliness which ought to characterize the children of God." Does that describe the Christians you know? Is that an accurate view? In the past I may have said no, but as my faith grows, I see myself relaxing in the sovereignty of God. As my pastor used to say frequently, "It's all good." Really, in a believer's life, all things do work out for good. Sometimes hard good. Sometimes easy good. But still good. And in the end of ends it will ALL be good.

We with faith in Christ have a HOPE that goes beyond reason!

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