Thursday, August 14, 2008

School, to start or not to start

So, swimming lessons are over and we are in the final weeks of summer....Labor day is coming and we are looking forward to camping. Then starts school. Or I was thinking that we should get a week of school in before Labor Day. I was telling a friend this thought, and her response was, in her nice British accent, "You should tell yourself to shut up!"
So maybe we'll wait till after the holiday, or better yet, start after the laundry is done, the camper is cleaned and I feel all rested from a busy vacation. Oh wait, then I'd never start at all! Well, I don't want my kids to grow up stupid, so I'd better start at least sometime in September!

Oh my, I was just typing away and Megan ran in saying there were cows at the end of our driveway! And there were. At least 20 cows stampeding down our country road chased by a four-wheeler. Never seen that before!


ThePetersenFam said...

Was the friend Suzanne McNary? I love her accent. And whoever it was...they're right :)

Stiffler Family said...

Nope,it was Anita Schiro. She is so funny!