Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm still recovering from the busy weekend, and it's not even Monday anymore! We packed up the camper, last minute, for a quick trip to Higher Ground on Saturday to enjoy some Christian music and friends. The trip was short--but we got to hear Sara Groves and MercyMe, and a couple other less known groups.

The kids ran around with friends, they all played in a great big blown up "amusement park" the girls got lost (they couldn't find where we were sitting), Mitchell thought he was big stuff to help out in the Pizza Ranch booth, and I got to eat mini donuts! And dessert pizza, and a foot-long corn dog, and a vanilla shake. :)

Sunday we were surprised to see some college friends at church who recently moved back to the states from Taiwan. We had them out to the farm for some catching up and we enjoyed a beautiful evening and sunset together.
(Sorry, I don't have a picture of Sunday's sunset, but here's Saturday's.)

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