Saturday, December 13, 2008


Mitchell and Megan started piano this year, so of course, that meant we were looking for a piano! I watched craigslist for a couple of months, and nothing ever panned out. Finally, I found a piano listed as free and emailed for more information, called Robb to get ready to go pick it up, and then nothing. No email back. No answers to my questions.

"Well, Lord," I said, "That is not the piano you have for us."

Mid-afternoon, Robb called and asked if I had heard anything from the seller on craigslist. At my negative answer, Robb said, "Well, he is a really nice man, and we are going to pick it up tonight!"

Then I still had my doubts. It was free, after all. Maybe it was a piece of junk. I didn't even remember that verse about God giving good gifts; The one where he says something like, "If my children need bread will I give them a stone?" Of course not!

So we picked up our piano, got it home, let it warm up. Guess what? It not only goes well in my living room, and has no chipped keys, but it's in tune!

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Liz Templin said...

I am delighted to learn that piano music will again fill the house!!! Mother and daddy made sacrifices so that all four of us could take piano lessons. Jennifer still plays -- it brings us all great joy. May your family also feel that joy :-)