Friday, January 16, 2009

crazy days

UFFDA! That's what I say these days. A bunch of stuff is hitting us all at once, and it's been a stressful week. Last week was so great. We've made some decisions and a schedule to help our family connect and learn together, and then this week happened. It all fell apart. But we will recover!

One big stress factor is taxes. Yes, everyone has to deal with this, but owning a company and some of the changes we've made this year make it all doubly time consuming. Robb's been stressed to the limit!

Another contributor to our busy week is a shipment of 1000 T-shirts that have to be folded and packaged and sent out. This wouldn't be a big stress if nothing else was going on.

Our business is doing great after some "restructuring." That's the not-so-nice-word for having to let our dear friends and employees go. The most difficult thing about owning your own business, I think, is having people depend on you and then letting them down. Thankfully, one of our employees has found a new job, and the other provided a supplemental income for her family. As a result of these changes, I've been taking on the responsibility of data entry. At the moment that requires about 7 -10 hours a week. That time will probably improve as my typing improves!

So you can see a bit why I say UFFDA! Add all the above to my normal duties of playing teacher, mom, housecleaner, wife, friend to many, cook, and child referee, maybe you can understand my state of mind.

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