Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is finally here, but last you heard from me, we were in the middle of a great MN winter!
As when someone asks in passing, "What have you been up to?" I must pause and really think to remember. Life flies by- the fun and the not so fun- and I focus on what is to come and forget what is behind. Sometimes that's good. Sometimes, unforgivable!

We began the month of February with a trip to Wisconsin Dells with a bunch of families from church. What fun! On the way home, our friends' van broke down, so we stayed with them at a casino (a new experience for us!) and extended our vacation by one day.


Robb and I took part in the marriage study Love and Respect during the months of Feb. and March and found it to be encouraging and challenging.

For Valentine's Day, we saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and I believe it's our favorite of the shows we've seen there!

The second weekend in March, Robb traveled once again to the CO mountains for the Wild at Heart Advanced camp, this time taking his friend Kyle along for the journey. The following week, our friend Aaron visited while I attended our church's women's retreat.

My women's Bible Study wrapped up at the end of March, finishing Beth Moore's When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. As always, Beth did not disappoint in speaking truth and proclaiming Christ. -And I love my ladies!

And that brings us to April. I am on my 11th week of working out. I am proud of me. Previously anti-anything sweaty, I am now dedicated to my treadmill! I even sweat- and live to tell about it. Astonishing! I've not lost a pound, but keep telling myself muscle weighs more than fat. I now own the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought- and they are tennis shoes! Here they are:
Ugh. Another history making event! I previously despised wearing tennis shoes as being too sporty and not enough girly. So. I guess I am a changed woman. HA!

We just came home from Arrowwood Resort yesterday after spending the weekend there for a wedding. Brandon went to college with Robb and I, and now works with us, and we wish him and his new wife God's blessing in their new life together.

So that brings everyone up to date. Robb left today to travel to the funeral of the pastor's wife of his family's church in Ohio. I will survive this week - I hope - as a single mom. Yuck. I will stay up late every night because I hate sleeping without my hubby. I will watch lots of chick flicks. I will eat plenty of snacks. I will medicate my loneliness with Facebook and friends. And then I will realize nothing is as good as a good man. Love you honey. Come home soon. Kiss.

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