Thursday, June 11, 2009

With Them

Ahhhh. My week of freedom is almost over and I am savoring the final moments over a cup of lemon balm tea.

Contented Sigh.

My house is clean. I shared brunch with four girl pals. My garden looks the best ever. It has been weeded and fertilized with stuff from the floor of the old chicken coop. The front of the house was landscaped with new bushes and perennials. The barns and sheds have been cleared out and two dumpsters were hauled away. A box of clothes is washed and pressed and ready to go to Once Upon a Child. All the toaster crumbs have been vacuumed out of the lazy susan cupboard. Various other storage has been organized and sorted. One morning was spent at the Prime with a friend kitting 300 boxes and then we had lunch with another friend. My errands will be completed tomorrow. And then my kids will be back from Vacation Bible School full time.

This sending my kids away thing is tempting. I could send them to school and live this life all the time. However, I feel compelled by this magnificent task of homeschooling, this challenge. I will not shy away from it, though I am exhausted and despairing. Others may be called to complete their task differently. I will not judge them, nor will I envy them. I will press on as I share truth with my children during the smallest, most unexpected moments of the day. I will live my life in front of them, all the time. I will share my tears, my joys, my anger, my laughter, my faith, my God. I will be with them. And He will be too.

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Sudi Kate said...

someday your kiddos will read this and understand what a great mother they have...:)