Monday, July 27, 2009

What I learned when Mitchell went to camp

Mitchell did great at camp! He came home with everything except his $4.00 Target towel. He talked nonstop about his experiences the rest of the day. He said he loved camp and that he needed a break from his sisters for a while!

I fared fine as well. Robb asked me one day whether I missed Mitchell. I feel bad to admit it, but I did not. (Robb DID miss his boy!) Maybe that's because I try to live without worry. I trust my kids to God's care. Maybe I just enjoyed having one less child in the mix of disciplining conflict! I realized that because one child was gone, I only had only one relationship to referee- the Megan-Madison relationship. Just because Mitchell was missing from the equation eliminated two relationships: the Mitchell-Megan combo and the Mitchell-Madison combo. As a result, the house was much quieter.

I also learned that Mitchell stresses me out with his planning. He tends to be like his dad. He's a bit type-A. All day long Mitchell pesters me with questions. "What are we going to do tonight?"(He is very concerned about being bored.) "Have you called Jannina yet to set up an overnight?" "What's for supper?" "When can we go to Toys-R-Us so I can spend my giftcard?" "Do you have that two dollars you owe me?" He is unrelenting!

So I'm glad Mitchell got to go to camp. It appears we all need a break sometimes, even kids. And we have the opportunity to learn quite a bit by doing so. Now I need to figure how to use what I learned to everyone's advantage!

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