Monday, September 28, 2009

A Dear Faithful Friend

 Otherwise known as a poem in which I use the word poop.

Once upon a time
there was a little boy
whose great grandma won a stuffed duck .
The boy got the duck
and the two formed a bond.
not with grandma, but the kid and duck.

The boy had a nuk
that he liked to suck too,
he was happy with nuk and duck.
The funny thing is
Boy pulled silly duck's fur
and formed an unusual habit.

Boy loved on that duck
as he pinched all that fur
in small tufts which he placed on the nuk.
Then into his mouth
went the fur and the nuk,
and soon fast asleep he would fall.

Next morning he woke
an unusual find:
Duck's hair had come out in his poop.

Now poor duck is bald
That old sad ragged toy;
Mitchell loves that bald duck still.
His friends tease and laugh
but the boy remains true
to his dear faithful friend, the duck.


SMR said...

That's not a duck, it's chickie!

Kristina Joy said...

I took a little poetic license!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching the duck go bald! I am glad that Mitchell still has it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with S! Its name is chickie!

Kristina Joy said...

Fine. You make up a poem about chickie and I'll post it. But it's my blog and I'll change names if I want to. So there, sisters. Hmph.