Monday, September 14, 2009

Football, Bible Study, Bible Quizzing

Our fall has started with a BANG! Our evening are full M-T-W-Th, so we barely have time on the weekends to gather our thoughts and start again!

Mitchell started football after a year of anticipation and planning with his friends. Mitchell was proud to tell me that his coach likes the way he and his friend Matt practice tackling. They're not shy, and plow right into each other! As you can see from the photo, his buddies are all happy to be attending practice at the same time and place....and their parents are as well!   The track is next to the field so I can get in my walking while my girls play with their friends. And so, football practice couldn't work out any better for everyone!

 Wednesday was our first Bible quiz practice, and I have the opportunity to coach four great girls-one of them being my daughter Megs. I am grateful for this chance to focus on my middle child and cultivate her relationships - and mine- with her friends. We will memorize two verses each week from the book of 1-2 Corinthians, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Today (Mon.) I start Beth Moore's study esther: It's tough being a woman! I can't wait! We have a total of 28 ladies signed up, so we will have three discussion tables and I will facilitate at one of them. After doing so many studies taught by Beth, I feel a bit like she's my friend. Over the summer I missed her- and the way she leads me in my study of the Best Book!

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