Saturday, September 26, 2009

John Update

I spoke with my brother-in-law John this morning and received his current medical status.

If you don't know what I'm talking about maybe you missed this post.

His CMV is active again. The virus is undetectable in his body, but it is affecting his left eye. Every time it reoccurs, his eye sustains more damage and the blurriness increases. The doctor said it will be a fight to keep his  eye, and the natural progression is for the CMV to move to the right eye. The doctor was actually surprised it hasn't affected the other eye yet. Present worst case scenario: eventually John would go blind. John will receive treatment every two weeks to try to keep the CMV in his eye under control. He also has monthly blood work to check his HIV viral load and his CD4 count. He is on HIV meds that are currently controlling the viral load but his CD4 count is presently low,(229) barely above the CDC's threshold for AIDS. HIV meds need to be tweaked often to keep these numbers under control. (Sorry about all the gibberish. Some of this is for my Dr. dad.) I need to research this a bit more to have a better understanding of the numbers and the lab history.

The bottom line is, John's afraid. He wants to know what is going to happen. He wants to know what his chances are. He wants answers. But there aren't any. We just have to wait and see how his body responds to treatment. But he's been treated twice, and the CMV keeps reappearing. He wants to prepare himself for the worst. But how does one prepare to go blind? And will it come to that?

John is not mad at God. He said that. He says he brought this on himself. But he never expected his sight to be the issue he would face. He is grateful for your prayers.

I'm not sure what to ask you to pray today. I guess I'm afraid to ask God to do anything more than what normal statistics would allow. I just don't know the stats. But I do know my God. And He's done the impossible before. So throw caution to the wind. Ask big. Ask for healing and that the damage be as little as possible. But mostly, pray that God would move John's heart in a big way. Pray for inner healing. Restoration.

Thanks, my friends.
You are a blessing.

P.S. Last week I asked you to pray that we would communicate with John better about his health status. Our conversation today was an answer to that prayer as well as the fact that he gave me access to his online medical chart.

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