Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new pet?

This is Madison and her new pet. Crickey the Cricket.
Crickey is housed in a ziplock storage container
and carried around in a Pucci Pups pet carrier.
Yesterday Crickey went to Target.
Mitchell said Madison couldn't bring Crickey in
because the sign said, "No Pets."
She did anyway.
We were lucky and the Target employees didn't notice
Crickey until we were checking out.
Crickey also got to go to the grocery store,
and the playground.
Today Crickey took a bath.
His home floated nicely on the water.
He watched the kids complete their schoolwork
and took a ride on the lazy susan.
I wonder if he got dizzy?
Crickey also observed Mitchell annoying Madison
and learned the meaning of time out.
This is Crickey the Cricket making lovely music.

We expect to have many more happy memories with Crickey.
And if something should happen to him, never fear.
We have at least 5 more crickets somewhere in the house.


Anonymous said...

Mom thought that in the first picture Madison had the cricket in her mouth.

Kristina Joy said...

Silly...she lost her teeth!