Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing (and Fighting) Fair

Megan has spent most of Mitchell's football practices on the sidelines, creating cheers and routines with her friends. This week that all changed. Boys entered the picture. They wanted the girls to cheer for THEM, specifically.  The girls would have none of it. They wanted to play ball. Tackle football. The rule was made that the girls could tackle but the boys could only tag. Megan reported to me quite proudly after their scrimmage that she took two different boys down to the ground. Guess having a brother around has it's advantages. For football anyway.

I got to thinking. I do that sometimes. This story has a familiar dynamic. What man doesn't want a beauty by his side cheering him on? But we'd rather take him on straightaway. Those rules sound the rules we make with our husbands. Seems the rules are always tilted in our direction. And then we take him down. To the ground. Doesn't seem fair. Or respectful.

Sorry Honey.

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