Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tough Post

I broach this subject publicly with some hesitation, but at this point, prayer is a greater need than privacy. I post this with permission.

We are a family touched by HIV/AIDS. The diagnosis came 8 years ago for John, my husband’s twin brother, and until recently he's been essentially healthy. Earlier this spring, after experiencing vision problems, he was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), which in healthy individuals rarely causes illness. Because of his HIV, CMV almost cost John the eyesight in one eye. He underwent a lengthy treatment at that time, and appeared to recover. He has since suffered a relapse of CMV and also recovered from pneumonia. Today, he appears healthy, but his health is precarious.

He recently requested we begin praying for him. Robb and John’s family live out of state and John has preferred to remain emotionally distant from them. We are his support. Being a twin myself, my heart understands and aches for my husband and his twin brother as we face the road ahead.

Please pray with us.

  • Pray that John would feel the love and forgiveness of Christ
  • Pray that Truth will prevail and all false beliefs will be exposed
  • Pray that John would find comfort and peace in Christ instead of fear
  • Pray for protection from illness, especially as flu season approaches
  • Pray that we would communicate clearly with John and have an accurate understanding of his health status. The unknowns are hard. Denial comes easy.

Thank you.


Heather said...

I will be faithful to pray for John and for all the things you requested Christina. Say hello to Rob for me--it has been a long time.

Anonymous said...

I've been praying!