Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just in Time

Today is a little toot my own horn but mostly a loud trumpet call in praise of God's provision.

We've been evaluating our finances via the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class recently, but we've been on the journey to financial freedom for about five years. This week we paid off our last debt. WE ARE DEBT FREE!

Now for the next steps: working toward financial peace by having all the safeties in place for emergencies. This week's lesson was on insurance, so yesterday Robb spent the entire day doing the tedious work of applying for health insurance, disability insurance, and switching life insurance. The whole shebang. Yikes. I'm glad he did it!
We've tried many kinds of insurance over the years, but finally have a plan that we are comfortable with and that doesn't completely break the bank.

So things are coming together. We feel good. We are making good choices. But this is the slow time for our business, so it's a little nerve wracking to have no home equity line of credit available. (Yes, we rent our house, but we have a piece of land that had a HELOC.) We have plans to save money, to have fully funded emergency savings,  but what good are goals if there's no money coming in?

Ever found that God is never late, but rarely early?
Not to worry. Robb always finds things to do. And God has been faithful. So it didn't surprise me in the least that a friend he worked with last year called today and asked if Robb could help him out. Starting this week. And he's booked until December! God was just on time!


Anonymous said...

haha, that last question is a quote from Beth Moore's Esther study. I recognized it. You need to cite your sources. :)

Helga said...

Good for you guys...being debt free! That is my ultimate goal, my dream! I'm also glad to hear that your husband got that call :o)

Gabrielle said...

What a terrific milestone! I hope you were able to celebrate (frugally) :-)