Friday, October 23, 2009


This funny looking contraption is a baby chipmunk house. Lovely. And, yes, there are two baby chipmunks in there. Here is one:

In my kids desperation to have pets, (I shall not go into details of our few attempts to care for cats) my children chased baby chipmunks around our yard, cornered them until they had no hope of escape, and successfully caught two poor creatures.  Being the home-school mom I am, I found a nature book that told us what chipmunks (specifically, Thirteen-lined ground squirrel) eat and we fed them unsalted sunflower seeds. (One can make almost any experience educational!) The kids were ecstatic when their little "pets" ate the provided food. Our family was successful in caring for these strange pets for a full 2 hours. Then we left for...something. When we came home our pets were missing somewhere in the mudroom. Unfortunately for my children, but fortunately for the chipmunks, the "windows" in the chipmunk house were big enough for them to squeeze out. Thankfully the door from the mudroom to the rest of the house was closed, so the creatures were confined to one room. And thankfully, (or not) my husband came home soon after we did, and, (though none too happy about it),  managed to find them and chase them outside.  Goodbye, poor pets! And good riddance!

P.S. Please disregard my children's strange attire. If I waited until they were properly dressed to take pictures, I would have none! We home-school, for crying out loud. Proper clothing is not required!

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