Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alphabitty Moments: Kk

First of all, I must congratulate my friend and boss (!) because she has won the contest with her Alphabitty Moments book! $3,000 is nothing to sneeze at! This parade is obviously a very good idea as the panel of professional judges has agreed. I am super excited to be working with her in her blog business and hope it grows leaps and bounds as a result of this outcome!!!

Here is my entry for the week. I'm not terribly proud of the actual photos, but the kids do love to fly kites. And the jacket Megan is wearing with her pj bottoms (how many times have I referred to the fact that my kids are not often properly dressed at our house?) was a gift from my aunt. It was hers and is a special brand of leather coat (which escapes my memory- typical) that my great uncle sold years ago. My aunt wore it when she was young, kept it, and thought it would be fun to dye it and pass it along to my kids to enjoy and dress up in. And Megan does enjoy it and wear it.

Now about the kite. Mitchell's chore for today included picking up the entry that is always cluttered with coats, shoes, boots, outdoor toys, dirt, grass, sticks.....kites. He was overwhelmed with the chore and in frustration, and laziness, he threw the kites in the garbage. He claims he should not have to pick up anything he did not leave out! I don't think he understands that's what I do all day! I wonder if he will retrieve the kites for future fun, or leave them and regret it later. Is this a lesson I let him learn the hard way?

Now, go to the home of Alphabitty Moments and congratulate MamaBear on her success and and check out other Alphabitty pages for the letter Kk. Happy Day!

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LaToya said...

I did kites as well, although ours didn't fly due to lack of wind. But it was a fun afternoon anyway.