Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello again! Time for a funny story or picture....or something.
Today I shall reveal to you a bit of family history.
I bet this has never happened in your house!

Our family was at our cabin (which we no longer own, so don't invite yourself to it!) and my husband was preparing the kids for bed after a trip to Walmart. He began to bathe them, filling the tub with hard, rusty, stinky well water that is so typical of cabins. Yuck. As if that wasn't bad enough to give them a bath in, he decided to add something to the water. Now, usually we would add bath salts, bath oil, or bubble bath. That's what I would expect, at least. Nope, my husband was in an unusual mood. He decided to find out whether the leftover cotton candy from Walmart would turn the bath water interesting colors. So in it went. With the kids. Not sure what to think of his strange behavior, I collapsed on the sofa. I couldn't decide whether to cry because my husband had lost his mind, or to laugh because he was crazy funny. But Robb was not done. As long as the bath water was messed up and his wife thought he was crazy, why not put all doubts on the matter to rest and add potato chips to the bath? Which he did. With a smile and a laugh (at me). And a promise to clean the mess up completely. Which he did.

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