Monday, November 16, 2009

Party Time

We're finished! With Beth Moore's study on Esther that is! Our group of ladies has been awesome! I was paired with two of my best friends (I have lots of best friends, so don't feel left out) in leading this group of women through the study. It wasn't too much work. Just sit at a table and let ladies talk. Like that's ever too much of a problem! We learned wonderful truths, made new friends, enjoyed a night out each week.

Then we partied! I was left in charge because our fearless leader decided to traipse across the country to visit her newborn niece. (wink, wink) Sooo.....

I planned ahead and made my potluck contribution of wild rice soup the day before. I was already in the kitchen cleaning up our after-church turkey dinner, and while I was at it I figured I'd start the bird carcass boiling for soup, and since I'd started the soup, I may as well finish it. So. A mom's rule of thumb: While in the kitchen, get as many things done at once as possible. So I made more soup. The wild rice soup, that is.

I gathered decorations. Whatever I had out for fall was added to my bin. I also found nice clean sheets work famously as tablecloths for big round tables. And napkin rings work great to cinch up the corners.

On Monday morning I got a little sidetracked from party planning. I helped my son clean his room for two hours. Forget school. His room was driving me crazy. Did school in the afternoon.

Then I made Haman's Ears, a traditional Jewish cookie baked to celebrate Purim. (cause, ya know, Haman was hung up by his ears....well actually he was impaled, but whatever) First batch failed.(~only 4 cookies, thankfully. I had enough foresight to do a trial run.) I'd forgotten half the flour! I added the appropriate amount of flour, and filled with my homemade apple butter from my homegrown apples, they turned out marvelous!
 So proud! So yummy!

Party time came and we had enough of everything and I didn't forget anything.

(Except I did skip cleaning up the bottle of laundry soap that fell off the top of the washing machine during a spin cycle and spilled all over the carpet before I left the house. Whoops. Sorry honey. I'm sure you weren't happy when you discovered that little surprise.)

Anywhoooo.... everyone ate til they were stuffed.  The dinner was as lovely as the ladies that came! Love you girls!

Now run over to Leah's blog to see others with bragging rights.


MamaBear said...

You are a great hostess Kristina! The decorations and inventive table clothes looked GREAT! THANK YOU for including me in the study! I'm really looking forward to the next one. Your friendship (and blog book business assistance) is an answer to prayer!

smr said...

So, where are the pictures of your fancy party?

Kristina Joy said...

I just added a cookie picture....I'm the queen of editing a post after publishing it!

Carrie got a picture of the ladies on her camera. Robb still has our good camera at the office.....

Leah said...

Wow, you're an smart lady! And I'm a visual person too. Keep your camera handy when you do what you do! Thanks for playing along with Toot Your Horn Tuesday! I'm sure by next week you'll have something else equally amazing to share