Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday - the most hideous gift award

As Thanksgiving nears, and with it Christmas, the pressure of shopping, finding perfect gifts and general frantic holiday preparation closes in. Last year, in an effort to eliminate much of the hustle and bustle and maximize the peace on (our little part of the) earth, we chose to give gag gifts. Great Grandma won the prize for the best, most hideous gift! We laughed til we cried! Here is the beauteous specimen:

Beat that!

My apologies, mom, for posting a picture of you without your permission, but alas, this was the only picture I had of the little maid. I think you are lovely, though. And dad said once his favorite thing about you was your smile! Forgive me? This once?

I created this opportunity to share stories or pictures from your family that are a bit amusing or odd. They can be current or from ages ago. My goal is laughter. Lots of it!

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