Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is all about Spankings

 Today I have a guest post by my sister Laura for you. Enjoy!

Ahh, Christmas memories... once a year they all come flooding back. I will never forget our church's Christmas Eve service the year my niece Megan was five years old. That was the year they decided to do something a little different from tradition and included a children's sermon as a part of the service. All the little kids, including Megan, were called up to sit on the stage while the pastor talked to them about Christmas. One of the first things the pastor did was ask the kids, "What is Christmas all about, anyway?" Being the talkative, uninhibited child that she has always been, Megan raised her hand and declared, "My daddy said that Christmas is all about spankings!"

Megan and Laura 2008

The congregation lost it. I don't think anyone in my family even heard the rest of the children's sermon, and I don't remember anything else about that service. The funniest part is that it was true; her dad had told her that Christmas is all about spankings. If I remember the story correctly, it happened just before they left for the service: Megan was being willful and disobedient and would not put on the proper clothing, so her dad told her, "If you don't get dressed right now, you are going to get a spanking, because that's what Christmas is all about- spankings!" Of course he said it in jest, but the words stuck.

We still laugh about Megan's statement, yet, as I think about it now, she may have been more right than we were inclined to believe. At one time we, also, were willful and disobedient. We, also, refused to clothe ourselves in righteousness, and our Heavenly Father reminded us that there would be consequences for that disobedience, consequences much greater than spankings. That's why He sent His Son. Perhaps the Holy Child received no spankings, yet He came to embrace that much greater punishment we had earned. He came that we might be clothed in His righteousness.

Christmas is not really all about spankings. But it IS about disobedient children. It IS about a loving Father. It IS about forgiveness and a punishment that has been wiped away. In this remembrance, we truly do have something to rejoice in!