Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clothespin Reindeer

A clothespin craft to add to the homemade ornament parade. Nothing fancy, but still pretty cute. I used a stain touch-up pen to stain the clothespins, a permanent marker for the nose and rafia for the bow. I think it would be cuter with little black bead eyes and a red berry nose(much classier than a pompom). I didn't have those, and that would be harder for kids to make without a gluey mess, so we did it this way. You can't see from the picture, but I did drill a little bitty hole for a small ribbon at the top of one of the "antlers." Yes, I am even handy with power tools...Vary it a bit with different ribbons instead of raffia etc. Great ornament or package topper.

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Colleen said...

He's adorable. Another craft idea to store in the back of my head for another year.