Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it a Turtle Dove?

#14 of the 25 Days of Ornaments:My daughter is turning into a mini me. Some days I'm not sure I like that. If you have kids or someone you know has kids, or you've seen other people's kids at the mall, you know children are often a reflection of their parents (is that the understatement of the year?)...the good, the bad, the angry. The crafty. Well, that last one's not so bad as a couple of the others, at least. Unless the mother is somewhat of a perfectionist and wants everything home-made to be spectacular. Oh, but that's not me... ;)
So, Megan saw this pattern and absolutely insisted I help her make it. Kinda like this time. She had never sewn before, so I was pretty sure I'd end up doing most of it. I was right. But it turned out spectacular! Isn't that what counts? OK, not really! What really counts is that we worked on a project together and the result was something to be proud of and someday she will hang it on her tree and remember all her sewing projects. Just like I do.

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Jenilee said...

I love it! I wish I could make something like that. It really is a beautiful ornament. :)