Monday, December 21, 2009

My Favorite Ornament

This was my sister's and my favorite ornament growing up.  While at my parents house today making lefse, I snuck a picture of it. Can you tell the scene is nestled in a walnut shell? We were always careful to tuck it safely in a nook of the branches, directly behind a little light as if that light were a little star shining on the nativity.


MamaBear said...

My mom has a similar ornament or her tree, but it doesn't have a base like yours. We're off to grandma and grandpa's house after naps today so I'll wish you a merry christmas now while I try to get the hang of the new phone. I haven't figured out how to post yet, but have been saving tons of time

MamaBear said...

....(haven't figured out how to insert text or move the curser either so I. Could't edit my last comment)