Monday, December 7, 2009

No postage due. Not me.

When on vacation recently I REALLY DID write sweet notes to all my small group ladies to let them know I was thinking of them. I did not however hand them through a vehicle window to my father-in-law while driving through town because he was going to the post office. I did not ignore the sweet little voice in my head telling me to call him and tell him that those precious notes needed stamps. Nope. I did not figure carelessly that he would look at them before mailing them and I could pay him back for postage. Nope, wouldn't do that. I did not (really I didn't) ask him later if he mailed them without stamps. My husband did. We did not have a conversation about it, wondering if the bar code where the stamp should be was a prepaid stamp-code-thing.

I did not have to visit the post office the next morning and wait in line for thirty minutes, all the while with a crabby old lady behind me who constantly whined about waiting. I did not have to wait all that time only to be told that the stamp-code-thing was not a valid stamp. I did not ask the postal lady to go looking for my postcards. Nope, not me. She DID look. Very graciously. But my cards were long gone. I did not almost cry out of embarrassment from the thought of twenty postcards to my Bible Study ladies arriving postage due.

I did not post a pre-apology on Facebook. Nope, not me. My friends were gracious and said any note I send would be worth paying for.

But the cards did not arrive postage due. (For real.) And I am not at all upset about my unneeded apology. Not me!

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Jennifer said...

OH my! I would have been mortified! What a great NotMe Moment though!