Monday, December 28, 2009


Five outtakes for you today thanks to the little contest I Heart Faces has going on this week. I have many more pictures with interesting expressions, many of them (OK, all of them) who are great friends, and I wish them to remain my friends, so I reluctantly refrain from sharing their outtakes with the general public. To bad too. Their photos could have contributed to the greater good, because laughter is good medicine and cheers the soul and it would only be at the small expense of their pride!

I thought it pretty safe to post this of my son and sisters.
I am willing to risk their wrath!
My kids are so lucky to have fun, young aunts!

Megan's expression cracks me up.
Maybe it's because I know she was a bit ticked
at having to pick up shingles,
or maybe it's because I know she's trying really hard not to smile.
Eight year old personalities rock!

This one is typical.
Madison is five here
and I was just happy to get a picture
where her two middle fingers are out of her mouth
and her pointing finger is out of her nose.
A happy face, even with a tongue,
is an accomplishment!

The boy holding the football?
Yep, he's pretty much always like that!
Such a goofball!

And my favorite of all time...
I can't take credit for taking this picture,
but I can claim some credit,
because this is me. I've written about this one before,
but can't get too much mileage out of it!

For more outtakes, check out:


Mel Fraase said...

Ha ha ha! Those are great! Now I'll have to get mine up, oh so many to choose from!

the monkey's mama said...

I LOVE the one of you. Hilarious!

Jenilee said...

what great pictures! and the one of you is so funny. :) I have so many pictures of my kids being silly... they would make a fun post!

Lolli said...

OK--I totally need to know the story behind that last picture. It is cracking me up!!

Kristina Joy said...

I posted a link, but that doesn't really give the whole story!

I was in the dressing room getting ready for my sister's wedding. You can see one of my sisters getting an up-do in the background. I was waiting my turn, curlers in hair to give my ultra straight hair some body so it was easier to put up.

Someone came to fetch my son's black socks, which he forgot to take to the men's dressing room. Thus the socks in hand...and the camera caught me!

My expression? I've got to work on the prim and proper thing!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. I love that picture of you. It is perfect : ) And I love the birthday party too! The kid holding the little football is hilarious!