Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Elephant, Pink Elephant

I've mentioned before that our family began a new tradition last year: a white elephant exchange.
Because, it's just plain fun!

This year, everyone brought awesomely funny gifts.

Grandma opened a bubble blowing Stitch, which my daughter stole from her as soon as she had the chance.

So, Grandma got the opportunity to pick a new present. She opened a fabulous llama with real llama fur.

Andrea unwrapped an antique(?) tray stand thing. It may actually be useful in her dorm room. It even folds up for handy dandy storage!

Robb had a hard time deciding if he was going to steal a cheese dome for me (because I forgot to steal it when it was my turn) or pick something unopened. He chose something unopened and got a lovely pink elephant pitcher! When we left tonight, he tried to "accidentally" leave it at my parents house! No worries, I snagged it, 'cause I have plans for that baby!

Grandma opened a mink skin(courtesy me) and promptly put it around her neck amidst uproarious laughter.
(Appropriate as she and grandpa made their living from mink ranching!)

Brad got my mom's old briefcase.Beauteous, yes?

Karren had plans for the llama grandma had opened, so she stole it, giving grandma the opportunity to choose another gift.

It was meant to be. Grandma ended up with the gift she brought to the exchange last year.

A ceramic cleaning lady that still wins the prize for most hideous!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the photo of Grandma with her hands in the air. You captured the moment. :)

Sara said...

Ditto L.

Mel Fraase said...

Those are wonderful shots! That looks like a great time! Merry Christmas!!