Thursday, January 21, 2010

'nuther blogger event

These MN bloggers helped pack enough meals at FMSC to feed 38 children for a whole year.

This event was planned months in advance of the Haiti earthquake, but the timing was perfect. We were ready to give, itching to make a small difference, to busy our hands after bearing heavy hearts from the news.

All week I've thought of and followed the Livesays in Haiti.We happened to attend the same college. Her cousin leads worship at our church. Yet I only know them through their blog. People I love, love them. So I love them too. They are real heros, before and after the quake. I'm sure they would protest they're just ordinary people.  But they were willing to give up everything for a crazy commitment to follow God's leading no matter the cost. Now the cost is greater.

Maybe I care more about this disaster because of this loose connection. Maybe I'm getting older and more compassionate. Maybe I'm just weepy. I don't know. (Goodness, my children can testify to my recent inability to read about George Washington or MLK without getting emotional.)  But I do know that I have come to carry my heart on my sleeve and live each day full of whispered prayer.

What I offer the masses of hurting is minuscule. I have given what I can to ministries I trust: Compassion and World Vision and the Livesays. I gathered my children around a globe and introduced them to Haiti and they watched news clip after news clip. And then they gathered the part of their allowance that is set aside for giving and they gave too.

If you haven't yet, please give.

And pray. His heart breaks for a broken people,  but His back is strong for the burden.

Photo by Carrie.

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jolene said...

Really wish I would have known! I'd have been there in a heart beat! Way to go ladies! Love that you helped.