Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beyond Nearsightedness

We fill our days, leaving fingerprints and smudges. It's messy.

But His light shines on our mess, and warms our hearts. 
His Spirit, our Holy Counselor,
reminds us of all things good and right and pure.
The Son never fails, though we may.


And if we look to Him, 
past our fingerprints and mess, 
we will see His wondrous plan,
beyond our nearsightedness.

Thanks, Lord, for the view!

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Helga said...

You made fingerprints and smudges into something beautiful :o) I love it!!!

Corinne said...

This was such a beautiful piece, thank you.

Boy Crazy said...

oh, K - your photos are gorgeous. And what you wrote really strikes me, because this theme of the light shining in on the mess is sort of the undercurrent for the post I just put up tonight (and linked to tuesdays unwrapped, too). Beautiful.