Monday, February 1, 2010

Not me: Camera purchase

Last week I purchased a new camera. I searched the internet, researched models and found some deals. After a whole morning of reading reviews I found a steal of a deal and clicked order. The price seemed almost too good to be true.

Two days later. A guy calls from the internet site I ordered from and says there may be a problem. I think it is strange to be getting a phone call, but I do not see what is coming. Not me. I am not trusting and naive. Not me!

The man says they may not have the camera in stock. He asks what I know of the camera. He attempts to upsell me. But I am not about to buy his pitch. Not me. I begin to see his scheme. He claims the battery with the camera I ordered is no good and that I need to spend $150.00 more on a longer lasting battery. I state that I am not interested but he will not give up. Neither will I. Not me.

I state honestly that I need to do some research. I agree to call him back to update my order. I quickly scan the internet for information on Canon batteries and find he is charging twice the price for the upgrade battery. I am not about to fall for that. Not. me.

I call the seller. I refuse the upgrades. He in turn claims the camera is on back-order for 18 days. I cancel my order. He says he hopes he can help me in the future. I don't doubt that. But I won't be helped. Not me.

I begin to research sellers. I probably should have done this earlier. But I didn't. Not me. I'd never had troubles ordering online, so I am not as careful as is prudent. I find the seller I dealt with has a reputation that proceeds him. Phone calls, pressured up-sells and delayed shipping. I am so glad I canceled my order when I did.

Meanwhile, I order a lens from a more reputable company. A salesman calls me from this company too. He tries to sell me an upgraded filter kit and warranty. I am not spooked by my previous experience and following research. Not me. I refuse to be fooled again. Not me. Not gonna happen. I decide to cancel that order and buy a used lens from a friend.

I order my camera for $80.00 more than the too good to be true price from a  reputable company my family has ordered from in the past. I am not about to take a chance. Not me. There are times when you get what you pay for. And I will not succumb to my mistaken belief that the cheapest price is always the best deal. Not. me.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm such a sucker for sales pitches and then always regret it. A reputable company is so worth the extra $80.