Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recipe for a Great Vacation

First, sleep in and sit around visiting with friends in your condo, drinking your husband's awesome coffee made with an industrial sized Bunn (that he brought from home)  while most of your kids traipse off to enjoy the waterpark with their friends.

Lolligag your way to the hot tub and marinate there for a while.

After your daughter disappears from the hot tub, search high and low even though you know you'll find her in the lazy river. And she swims like a fish, so she's fine.

Change venues and sit some more in the wave pool water dome. Stare at your toes and wish you'd painted your nails.  

Then immediately forget about them because you are enjoying your friends. And they really don't care about your toes.

Gather some giggly girls and head down the Woolly Mammoth. Thank God you went on vacation in the middle of the week so there are no lines, but still only go down twice because your thighs are killing you from running up so many flights of stairs.

Repeat above indefinitely until you get hungry.

Hurry down long corridors back to your condo...

for a meal of husband's taco chili or a night at a rustic restaurant.

Put kids to bed at a reasonable hour and then play cards with your friends and their teenagers.

Stay up way past your middle-aged bedtime, but sleep well in the king sized bed where you do not have to fight over covers or space or pillows.

Repeat. Liberally. But at least once a year.


Hyacynth said...

I'm taking this prescription to my husband and asking him to fill it immediately!! Looks like such a wonderful time. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Plus, swimming in the winter -- there's no better way to beat the dreariness.

Anonymous said...

You are case I haven't told you lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm so happy to have been part of the "mix." :)

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm Lisa's sis-in-law. I'll be visiting your site often so I can enjoy the fun you guys have been having together! :)