Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bribe to Quit

Breaking news: Madison has decided to quit sucking her fingers!

I have often hoped she would outgrow this habit, but still worried she would be ten and still have two fingers in her mouth and one in her nose. I imagined the teasing she would receive from friends, and how she would be scarred for life if I didn't exert some motherly power over her, or at least bribe her so she would quit.

So, I did bribe her a few months ago. Then, as the conversation progressed, I felt the need to clarify that she would not qualify for the bribe unless she quit for at least a month. At that point, she said she would rather keep her fingers in her mouth.

I can only guess at what has made her change her mind. Last weekend she did have a weird bout of swollen fingers, almost as if she was bitten by something- and on those exact two fingers. She cried and cried and said they felt funny and hurt and were fat. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out what had happened to her favorite fingers.  It's still too cold here for any biting bugs to be out. I think perhaps they got cold on our maple syrup tour and were tingly as they warmed up. But that doesn't account for the swelling. Hmmmmm.

That night she told me she was done. And as much as I watch her, I can't catch her with those fingers in her mouth.

Thank goodness.

And the bribe? Remember that one thing I swore I would never buy for my girls? I did not promise her that. Nope. Not gonna admit it.

OK. Fine. I did. I broke my own rule for real this time. It's a small price to pay to avoid my daughter being scarred for life.