Monday, March 15, 2010

Granola + Fire Extinguisher = Not Me

It's Monday....time to tell what I've NOT been up to!

I did not foolishly leave the kitchen to go change out laundry loads while preparing to make popcorn and come back to too hot oil. I did not take the lid off the pan, giving the hot oil oxygen and it did not POOOF into flames. I did not do that! Not me!

I did not calmly think the situation over, reach for the fire extinguisher, and forget to move my homemade granola, still in the pan, to a safe distance. Not me. It did not get spray on it. I did not leave it sitting on the counter for days because I didn't have the heart to throw my homemade goods away. I did not make my husband do it for me.

I did not spend considerable time cleaning and spraying and scrubbing my burnt pan when my husband told me to just go buy a new one. I did not waste my time on a hopeless pan. Not me!

I did not just post this for my landlady to see. Not me!

(Note to Liz, our landlady: No worries. No damage. Just to my pan. Thanks for the new fire extinguisher. It worked like a charm.)

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Theresa ♥ said...

Oh no! Not the granola!!!! :-)

Will you share your granola recipe?


Chick Hatchers said...

Oil heats so quickly that it's a good idea to stand with it the whole time - don't leave it for a second. That was great quick thinking! I'm sorry about the granola, though.

We had a dryer fire last month and I didn't even think about the extinguisher! Of course, I couldn't see flames, just a smokey utility room, so we called the fire department. No one was hurt and it didn't spread beyond the dryer, thank God!

I'm glad you weren't burned when the flames shot out of the pan!

Mrs. Confident said...

Hey! Found you through MckMama's blog, and I saw granola plus fire extinguisher. I had to click! Oh, this sounds like something I would NOT do because I do NOT (really) cook. So everytime I do, it is a disaster, though a fire extinguisher has never been involved. Cute blog!

Mrs. Confident

Kaz and Amy said...

Oh no! I think you handled it well! Me on the other hand would have totally over reacted and called the fire department! Lol! Have a GREAT Monday!