Monday, March 22, 2010

Organizational Quirk

I like to think I'm a pretty clean person. I know "clean" is a relative term. Everyone has their own clean threshold. When I complain about my house being messy, my friends laugh. Well, the dirty ones do, anyway. Yes, most main areas are kept pretty well picked up, and I try to stay about an hour of work away from being company presentable, not counting bedrooms, of course. But like most people I have my organizational quirks. The other day I noticed a peculiar habit I've developed:

Does anyone use windowsills as shelves for things found on the floor while vacuuming or for general purpose storage? 'Cause I certainly don't. Yeah, not me.

This has been another episode of  Not Me Monday. For more click here:


CHATTY CATHY 1975 said...

ohhh... windowsills! Thanks for the idea! ;-)

Have a wonderful and clean week!!

Recovering Procrastinator said...

That's pretty funny. Windowsills are about the only surface in my house without things on it. I often keep my cell phone on a kitchen one but otherwise they're clean.

Theresa ♥ said...

I loved this post! You are the only other person I know (besides my grandmother) who has a McDonalds house for pop tops!! :-)

Maxine said...

Windowsills are the only shelves I have now!!