Monday, March 15, 2010

Revamped Front Porch

My porch is red. This color goes way back, to another generation and another family who lived in this house. The porch was a playroom, and the mother thought her children would enjoy playing in a red room. When the family remodeled this house a few years ago to prepare it for new renters (us!), they kept two colors original. The porch stayed red and a wall in the living room stayed green. I love the history that comes with old houses!

Well, needless to say, I had nothing that coordinated with a red room when we moved in. But we weren't planning on staying that long, so I made do. Now we've been here three years, and I'm slowing tweaking as my old decorating obsession returns!

I tried arranging this room many ways, and finally decided to use one half for an entryway and the back half for exercise equipment. We have no other place to house a treadmill and elliptical, so this was the best option. My mom gave me a screen for my birthday, and the process was underway!

This screen used to be green with a colorful floral print. I painted it and made new fabric panels. I even switch them out for Christmas panels during the holidays.

The screen hides our workout space, see?

With two doors into the house from the porch, each end becomes it's own room.

 I recovered this coffee table turned bench a second time and added bins under it for kids shoes.
So there, you have it. My entry is lovely and coordinated and my unsightly equipment hidden.
Now if the spring mud would just stay outside, I'd be all set!

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citymouse said...

I love red and think the porch looks awesome. Very clever of you to use the space this way.

Kaz and Amy said...

You did a great job! I love the red! My dinning room is red and I'm just now putting curtains up and I'm so excited because after 3 years our dinning room will finally be complete! Lol! Have a great Tuesday!

Theresa ♥ said...

It looks great! I love the screen and the fabric.

Kimba said...

I love red! And I think a red porch is divine! It looks like you're making great use of your space.

Thanks for linking up to DIY Day.