Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unwrapping the Beauty of an Egg

On the way out of dance last week,
in the hustle of crowded hall 
filled with girls exchanging slippers for boots, 
a friend approached 
and handed me a grocery sack wrapped gift. 
A simple gift, given out of her surplus. 
And now, when I open that egg carton, 
I wonder at their simple beauty, 
their color, 
and the joy in little gifts.

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adornedlife said...

oh how i love this! my friend recently asked me why i buy brown eggs...was there a nutritional value that she didn't know about? i told her i buy them because they are pretty. that's it. your photo and words made me smile. thanks!

Kaz and Amy said...

Oh I really love this. Those eggs are beautiful! Have a great Tuesday!


Dayle said...

Such simple beauty. I love it.

The Homemaker said...

It really is a simple thing, but so "close to the earth" that it makes you smile.

Jenny said...

Wow, such simple beauty found in such an ordinary thing.