Friday, April 30, 2010

The Gift of Friends

I've been thinking and pondering what to share here. The purpose of documenting answered prayer is, of course, for the benefit of our future: remembering ways God has been faithful, so our faith can be strengthened in difficult circumstances. What do I want to remember?

When I was young, our church was least the girl population was in my class. I remember developing friendships with quite a few girls who then moved away after a short time. It hurt to see them go, but Mom would always have us ask the Lord to provide new friends to love. And He always did.

He provides friends for my kids too.

When Megan was very young, and we were just helping begin our church, the preschool class was full of little girls her age and boys Mitchell's age. I was thrilled they would be growing up with such great friends. Within a few years, many of those girls moved away. Megan struggled to find a group of friends to have over for sleepovers, share secrets with, love. I ached for her, knowing the importance of good friendships in the development of emotionally healthy children. And I was tired of her sitting on my lap on park dates.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I reluctantly agree.

But I carefully choose that village.

I think the body of Christ is the best community in which to raise a child. I love our church, where I know the families of my children's friends, and they know mine. We've created a safe place where we encourage each other in parenting and build each other's kids up too. There's accountability in those kinds of friendships, for us as parents, and for our kids. The time to grow deep roots in that kind of community is when our children are young, before the confusion of the teen years threatens to uproot them.

I wanted that for Megan, so I asked the Lord to give her at least one special friend, if not a whole bunch!

Sometimes I ask, and then forget I ever did. I just recently realized He'd answered my request.  Megan no longer sits on my lap at park days, complaining that she has no one to play with. (thank goodness! She's getting rather big for my lap.) She grew new friendships this year getting to know her Bible quiz team. She runs off each Sunday morning in search of her friends, and hugs and promises to plan get-togethers abound.

 I am so grateful that when we ask, He listens and answers. What have you asked for lately?

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