Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little of this and that

Wow! It's been 10 days since my last post! I've no great reason for my absence. I have a few things on my mind to write about, my thoughts are just not yet complete.

I went to a conference over the weekend, had a fun night away in a hotel, and I've been processing...I may share here eventually. This has not so much to do with the content of the conference as the experience of worshiping with a more charismatic group of people. Liturgical charismatics at that. Good stuff. :)

Next week wraps up my Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit, Bible quizzing, and Jump4Joy. Our family is looking forward to more evenings together as a family. Long evening walks, coming soon!

Robb has been crazy busy, too. He has moved our business storage to the barn here on the farm, and his office has moved a few miles closer to home. He is enjoying being in a business condo in town and looks forward to an increase in friends stopping by for coffee.

The kids and I are wrapping up our school year strong. Besides the warmer weather, this is probably the biggest reason for my blog absence. As much as I love sitting here and sharing deep thoughts and not so deep thoughts, my kids, their education, my husband, and even my dishes come first. Sorry. :)

I did get out today and took some pictures of the garden....

...this makes me sooo happy!

I had a couple friends over this afternoon, and though I cleaned my house and set the table with candles and flowers and tablecloth, I couldn't stand the thought of sitting inside on such a beautiful day.

So we had a picnic, complete with iced peach tea. Under the crabapple tree.
See the hint of red on the grass? That's our blanket.

 While we chatted, our kids turned on the hose and made a river run down the driveway. And threw mud balls at each other. Whatever. Just as long as they don't ever throw mud balls at me...

I am so happy for spring.

Later this week: a visit to my favorite source for herbs. And digging. And tilling. And planting. Can't wait!

photos: asparagus, green onions