Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meeting in the Garden

There is something about gardening that is holy.

It began in the beginning.

Creation ended and the whole world began with a man and woman in a garden. They were to enjoy the beauty, eat from fruit (Gen 2:9) and care for the land (Gen 2:15).

Gardening was our first profession.

There seems to be a misconception that the work of gardening is a result of the curse sin brought. I don't think gardening was meant to be considered work, but a place of fellowship with our God. He walked the garden looking for Adam and Eve.

He finds me in the garden, too.

His work grows before me, each sprout a miracle of His hand.  I can work the soil, fertilize, water. Yet, I cannot make anything grow.  He brings life to each tiny, dead seed. He defines the natural law that makes it produce abundantly.

As I work the soil, it stains my hands, roughs them up. Pruning scars them.

My Father is a Gardener too (John 15:1). There in my garden He finds me, reveals Himself. He breaks up the hard soil of my heart, bringing life from my dead places. He binds up my wayward branches. He prunes me, causing me to bear fruit. It's rough work.

His hands are scarred too.