Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Day

We've been enjoying the spring breezes, and warmer air around here. Two days in a row, we've hung out at the park with friends. Boy, does it feel great to get out! The grass is green, the tire swing is blowing in circles once again, and my green onions are ready to be picked. The rhubarb can be seen peeking up, and my garden in planned. I can't wait to get my fingernails dirty and start planting!

I've nothing important or inspirational to say, just thought I'd lay out a few words and say hello.

Here are a few more pictures of our Easter at the lake. It takes a bit of arm twisting to get my dear sweet husband to pose for a picture, but I won this time!

Of course the real star of any holiday now, is this sweet child. Here are my "little" sisters and our new niece:

You all love these eyes, so here's for you! You're welcome.

Laura was playing with my camera, the envy of the family now, 
and caught this handsome kid with his funky hair. 
The two following pictures are to her credit as well.
Not bad, Laura!


Her mouth is full, can you tell? She gets her blue eyes from her daddy. I love that!

The mommy of sweet Victoria, my twin. With her hubby.
No, we are not identical. Yes, we are fraternal. 
(For some reason, we get asked that a lot.)

We had a lovely day....