Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She Made Cookies

A mother's fears haunt me. Am I doing enough, teaching enough, modeling well? Am I equipping my children with the necessary tools for future success? Those fears nag. Not always. But often.

And then my nine year old daughter makes cookies. All by herself. Perfect little ones. She's careful and precise and doesn't burn a one. She even successfully doubles the recipe.

As I munch on a dainty morsel, so cute, it nestles on the rim of my garage sale find saucer,

I know I can't do and be everything she needs me to be. I'll teach her what I know and when I lose my patience and take it out on her, I'll apologize, and start with fresh resolve to die to self. Again. And the One I trust her to will fill the gaps because she is His and I am His and He is our God.

And at least she knows how to make cookies.

Unwrapping the gift of cookies I didn't have to make for Tuesdays Unwrapped: