Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I got Bursitis

Or whatever technical name my dad spouted off when I told him my wrist hurt.

I painted.

This bedside table and headboard.

This old dresser. Which by the way, I especially love in black.

Before. A long time before. The uniform is long gone from the wall.Ugh.

I also painted this tea cart for the dollhouse I made when I was 13 and just can't part with because I know my daughters will love to play with when I finally allow them to actually touch it. (I know that's a run-on, but sometimes I talk that way. :P ) The cart I found at goodwill for cheap cause it was butt ugly. And missing a drawer. But it was the perfect height and width so the dollhouse can turn on its lazy susan and not hit the rail. And I'm lazy and abhor shopping with three kids, so when I find something that might work on my once a quarter trip to goodwill, I grab it and think later. Three coats of paint and I love it. Now my dollhouse needs its own updated curb appeal. :)

Stair landing before. 

 I painted the $10.00 goodwill dresser,
(a lucky find that fits this space perfectly)
stole my sister's recovered chair, 
and re-used a sheer I removed from my living room.
I then shopped my walls for pictures and these found a new place.

There's such satisfaction in reusing old stuff. A coat of paint makes a world of difference!