Friday, June 4, 2010

How to camp without roughing it at all.

Bring your Bunn coffee maker so no one will ever have an empty mug. A little baileys never hurt either.

Camp with friends so your children don't get bored. 
You'll rarely see them because they'll entertain each other.

Make use of all available activities. Especially the ones for which you have no skill.
It will bring back all kinds of insecurities from Phy. Ed. class, 
but at your age it's time you overcome those anyway.

Play with your kids so as to feel even more insecure when they are more skilled than you. 
At least your weakness will boost their self-esteem.

Play when no one is looking and don't keep score. That always helps.

Bring Bikes. They are endless entertainment.

Especially when you ride you're big brother's friend's bike and he is nice enough to help you.

Camp local. Then friends who aren't camping can stop by and visit. 
Also, when your daughter forgets her pajamas, 
and you realize she is unreasonably attached to them, 
you can go home and fetch them and anything else you've forgotten


Finally, some in the group must have a camper with a DVD player. 
At the end of the day, insert a new movie, set the kids up with snacks and drinks and you will enjoy uninterrupted grownup campfire/card-playing time.

Go to bed tired, but happy.