Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Love a Deal {Giveaway}

Maybe I’ve been reading too many home decorating and DIY blogs, or maybe I’ve just been in this house long enough that I’m finally getting my decorating feet back, but I’ve been in a bit of a design mood lately. OK, well, I use the word design loosely, but I am now looking at every wall and space with critical eyes and creative mind.

Garage sale-ing feeds my habit.

I have a list in my head of wants and wishes and wouldn’t that be nice.

And some days I find it all.

Recently I came home from garage sale-ing (how DO you spell that anyway? Saling just looks funny and spell check doesn't like it either!) with a gun cabinet for Robb (for his BB gun! Lol), a hide-away ironing cabinet ($5), a TV cabinet ($15), a coffee table ($25), wall art ($4) for above my couch and a bag of clothes for Megan and I can't remember what else. My van was full, and that was before the TV cabinet and coffee table. Thank goodness for parents with a trailer who offer free delivery! Thanks mom, for volunteering dad. Thanks dad, for complying!

Another day I found a bedroom vanity for Madison just like the one in Megan’s room. She’d been telling me how unfair it was that Megan had one and she didn’t, so lucky for me I found a match (for $10) and don’t have to listen to whining and comparing on that subject anymore! Life is never fair, I tell my kids, but sometimes it's nice when things work out anyway!

In honor of my creative burst and good-deal-finding, I am thrilled for the opportunity to offer you all the chance to win a $40.00 gift certificate to Need a vanity like I did? No? You can find just about anything to fill your particular need at one of their 200+ stores. And with that credit you just might get what you want for a garage sale price!

Now that’s the kind of shopping I like!

Leave a comment ~ about a good deal you found recently ~ to enter.
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This giveaway ends on Saturday the 12th, so comment soon!

Thanks all, for reading and visiting! I appreciate your comments and friendship!