Friday, June 18, 2010

Rain on my window

Rain, rain, go away.
Sun come out,
I want to play.

That was yesterday.

My phone beeped weather alerts multiple times,
my kids hung out in our not-so-bad,
but not-really-that-nice farmhouse basement
and I had the convenient opportunity to make my husband's wishes come true
and organize the piles of empty boxes and outdoor stuff cluttering the floor.

Today the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and things are drying out.

I'm thankful no tornados were seen here and we could watch the last episodes of Monk in safety. Speaking of Monk, I wish all shows ended that well. Yes, I cried happy tears. And it's just a TV show. Any recommended series you would suggest we get from Netflix next?

Today is the last day my kids will spend their day at VBS and the last day for me to get projects done in peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. But the chance to paint and re-decorate with only my own thoughts to interrupt me is cherished.

I've finished my projects. I keep wandering the house to admire my own handiwork. Do you do that, or am I crazy? Pictures coming soon.

I planned on ending my week with a full day of deep cleaning. But my body rebelled and insisted on a nap. It was blissful until I smelled my chicken on the stove smoking. Thankfully it didn't burn to a crisp...

Looking forward to this weekend. Two birthday parties for friends, my husband turns 40, we celebrate our 12th anniversary and Father's day! And because I had a week to myself, I'm not even stressed out about it!

Rain on my window has been shared at for You Capture. Check it out!